Saturday, July 24, 2010

Summer Outreach - M.A.D.D. Camp In Session

Every Summer IGC hosts M.A.D.D. Camp (a FREE Music, Arts, Dance and Drama Institute for local children.)  The finale recital was Friday Night  - and it was WONDERFUL! Check out the slide show below! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Indonesia Mission Moves Forward

Bishop LaDonna & her team are currently in Indonesia - conducting believers' seminars as well as Festivals of Faith.

This man was blind for many years, but now reads this festival flyer perfectly! 

Monday, July 5, 2010

Thugg for Jesus Ministers to IGC Youth

Bishop Bell (aka Thug for Jesus) ministered in RAP to IGC's Young People (and adults) this past Sunday morning.  Bell, an ex-gang banger and drug dealer,  was blinded by a bullet from a rival gang's gun. Soon after he gave his life to Christ and has  ministry helping young people avoid the pitfalls of gang related involvement.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ministry to the Native Americans on Pine Ridge Reservation

Our Missions team just returned from another missions trip to the Lakota People on Pine Ridge Reservation in South DaKota. These scenes below were captured by our team - each trip (now up to 6 a year) has yielded a greater harvest.  

Friday, May 14, 2010

Miracles Galore as Festival Continues

Bishop LaDonna helps the multitudes know how to receive Christ and His healing power!  

Check out her website to read all of the testimonies.  Bishop LaDonna's DRC Report & Testimonies

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Osborn Festival Begins in Congo

Now that the Believer's Seminar has concluded, the participants have disbursed to invite the hurting, sick, hopeless and unbelievers to the Festival.  

Bishop Osborn writes: "As I arrive on the Matadi Festival grounds, the people begin to shout wit the excitement that only hope gives.   Within 10 minutes from the beginning of this Festival service, my interpreter, Pastor Jacque and I have taken the microphones. People   are continuing to pour onto the Festival grounds.  After a brief Gospel message on THE POWER OF JESUS, I invite the  people to receive Jesus into their hearts. Multiplied thousands raise their hands to experience Jesus' power to forgive their sins. They repeat the prayer for salvation with great fervor. There is joy across   this vast multitude.  The people lay their   hands on their sick bodies as I pray for them, commanding the spirits of disease to leave the people.  Even before I give instructions, the people begin acting their faith.   As the platform fills with people who are eager to testify I begin   noticing something remarkable. ALL of those giving testimonies had   been crippled, because of strokes, rheumatism, accidents, curses or   some other cause. One woman had been deaf, but she had also been   crippled. Another had sickness throughout her body. But again, she was   also crippled. One six year old boy was carried to the Festival on his   mother's back. One year ago a mysterious illness left the boy   crippled. His legs drew up tightly and he never walked again. After   the prayer for healing he told his mother, "Put me down. I know I can   walk!". The mother weeps before the people thanking God, as her boy   runs across the platform, a broad smile across his beautiful face.  We've only just begun!